Green Coffee Beans

For the millions of people who struggle with weight problems across the globe, the battle to lose weight and stay healthy can become discouraging. Now, exciting new research may have found an affordable and effective weight loss solution in the most unlikely of places – green coffee bean extract.Coffee beans are traditionally roasted at a high temperature until rich and brown in color, before being ground to make everyone’s favorite beverage. However, when coffee beans are first picked, they are as green as grass, and it is these green coffee beans that may hold the secret to weight loss once and for all.Read on to find out more about the provocative study that has got health experts across the country buzzing about the weight loss and general health benefits of green coffee bean extract.

What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Unroasted, fresh coffee beans have a green color, and if brewed, have very little taste. The green coffee beans contain anti-oxidant ingredients such as polyphenols, which are compounds that, like other anti-oxidants, help to fight dangerous oxygen free radicals in your body. The active ingredient in green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid, a compound that has long been applauded for its benefits to general health. When coffee beans are roasted, they lose a large proportion of this compound and therefore lose most of their health benefits.

Green coffee bean extract is made by extracting this active ingredient from green, unroasted beans of the Arabica coffee plant. The Arabica plant is chosen over the other common type of coffee plant, the Robusta, as Arabica beans have a higher concentration of chlorogenic acid.

Most formulations of green bean coffee extract on the market contain between 30 percent and 50 percent chlorogenic acid.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Aid Weight Loss?

According to a recent study conducted in March 2012 by Dr. Joe Vinson of Scranton University, green bean coffee extract has been shown to have a significant correlation to weight loss – the 16 study participants lost an average of 17,5 pounds each in the 22 weeks of the trial, and reduced their body weight by around 10.5% each.

The trial was a double blinded, randomized control trial in which participants were given low dose green coffee bean extract, high dose green coffee bean extract and placebo in turn, and the effects on weight loss monitored. Although the study was small, the results show great promise for green coffee bean extract as a weight loss tool and warrant further studies with a larger number of participants.

So how exactly does green coffee bean extract cause weight loss? Well, there are a number of hypotheses. First and foremost, chlorogenic acid, the active ingredient that we were discussing earlier, has been shown in a number of studies to reduce the absorption of glucose (that’s sugar) in the intestine. It does this by a complication mechanism that basically prevents glucose from entering the cells in your intestines, and so from entering your blood stream. Chlorogenic acid is also thought to inhibit certain liver enzymes that are needed to release glucose into the blood stream. Because your body has less glucose available to use as an energy source, it starts to burn up fat to use as energy instead, and this leads to weight loss.

In addition, studies have shown that green coffee bean extract shrinks the size of fat cells in the body, which means that there is less space available for fat to accumulate again – so once you’ve shed the weight, you can keep it off!

Celebrity Doctor, Dr. Oz, has recently shown the results of the Scranton trial on his popular TV show. According to Dr. Oz, correct usage of this natural supplement that is readily available in health food stores can certainly contribute to weight loss, as well as having other health benefits.

Dr. Oz has celebrated green coffee bean extract as ‘a magic weight loss bean’, and says that pure green coffee bean extract is ‘a potential weight loss miracle in a bottle.’

Best of all, these weight loss benefits are present even if you do not change your diet or exercise routine at all – the participants in the study did not alter the number of calories they ingested each day. However, it is of course always beneficial for both your health and your weight to eat a healthy, balanced diet and include regular exercise into your day.

What Are the Other Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract?

As well as being a weight loss miracle, green coffee bean extract also has other significant health benefits. According to a clinical trial conducted in Japan in 2006, the chlorogenic acids found in green coffee bean extract were shown to reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Although not to be used as a substitute to regular anti-hypertensive medication, green coffee bean extract can help lower your blood pressure.

Green coffee bean extract has also been shown to improve circulation, and the anti-oxidant effects of chlorogenic acids help to prevent cell damage in cells all around your body.

And the best part of all these benefits? Green coffee bean extract is completely natural, and does not contain any of the negative effects of caffeine which are found with roasted coffee beans.

What Is the Dosage of Green Coffee Bean Extract?

In the randomized control trial that was conducted by Dr. Vinson, study participants were given both low doses (700mg) and high doses (1050mg) of green coffee bean extract. Weight loss benefits were found to be present at both doses, although the higher the dose the greater the benefits. In addition, there were no adverse effects noted in any of the study participants, even at the higher dose.

This research seems to indicate that high doses of green coffee bean extract are both safe and effective. However, supplements that are currently available in health stores tend to be formulated at lower dosages, such as 200 or 400mg per tablet. It may be a good idea to start with a low dose such as this and gradually work your way up to higher doses over time – as Dr. Vinson’s study was small, green coffee bean extract may cause a bad reaction in some people that has not yet been discovered.

More studies need to be conducted on larger groups of people in order to determine the optimal dose of the supplement, as well as whether there are any long term negative effects to using green coffee bean extract.

What Formulations of Green Coffee Bean Extract are Available?

Both Dr. Oz, on his TV show, and Dr. Vinson who conducted the weight loss study, have stressed the importance of using as pure a form of green coffee bean extract as possible. Many supplements contain ‘filler’ ingredients, used to bulk up the product – many of these ingredients also claim to have additional weight loss benefits. However, these added ingredients can dilute the effect of chlorogenic acids, which lead to less weight loss. In addition, some of the added ingredients in these supplements have not been thoroughly researched, and can cause adverse reactions in some patients.

You should therefore choose only high quality, pure green coffee bean extract products – they have the most weight loss and health benefits, and are safest for you. GreenCoffee PURE is currently the leading premium brand of Green Coffee Bean extract. It contains ingredients of only the highest quality and is guaranteed to show results – or your money back! Best of all, even this premium product costs only a fraction of other weight loss products on the market – for only $30 a month, you could finally be well on your way to winning your weight loss battle, once and for all.

Green Coffee Bean Extract has certainly showed great promise as a weight loss agent – if the pilot study showing these beneficial effects is anything to go by, in the future hundreds of thousands of people may benefit from the weight loss properties of this phenomenal and affordable weight loss product.

Dr. Oz trusts green coffee bean extract as the next big thing in the weight loss industry, and it has other great health effects too. Why not try it for yourself and see what a change green coffee bean extract can make to your health?

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