How You Can Save Money on Ativan

Patients who need Ativan for their anxiety or insomnia will be happy to know that the prices are now lower than ever. Many different brands make Ativan so you can expect very low prices from all the competition. However, there are ways to make sure you are getting your Ativan prescription for even cheaper.

Choose Generic Ativan
Ativan is actually just a brand name for the drug Lorazepam. When the patent on Ativan expired, other brands started to make their own versions of Lorazepam. These versions are called generic Ativan. Just because it is “generic”, that does not mean you are getting” an inferior product! Generic Ativan must also meet all of the FDA requirements for medicine. You can save a lot of money for choosing to buy generic Ativan and still get the exact same quality of medicine.

Buy Ativan Online
Now that people realize how much money they can save by shopping at online pharmacies, these internet-based pharmacies are becoming increasingly popular. Online pharmacies do not have the overhead costs of a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Further, online pharmacies have more freedom when choosing their business type. For example, an online pharmacy can choose to sell only Ativan and offer cheap prices to get more business. A brick-and-mortar pharmacy would not be able to succeed by just selling Ativan, even if they offered very low prices to bring in extra business.

Avoid High Shipping Costs
If you do decide to buy Ativan online, then you should really watch out for those shipping costs. Even if your medication is much cheaper to be filled, you can end up paying double (or more) just for shipping costs. It is usually best to choose a pharmacy based out of your home country. This will also ensure that the medicine arrives faster too.

Ask for a Discount
There is a lot of competition amongst online pharmacies. Because of this, they are willing to go the extra mile to get more business. Many online pharmacies will offer discounts, even on prescription drugs like Ativan. The discounts usually are tied to customer loyalty or bonuses. For example, you may be able to save over 15% on each order after your first order. If an online pharmacy doesn’t offer a discount but you would still like to order “Ativan from them, send their customer support team an email (or call them) and see if they are willing to offer you some sort of discount.

Don’t Go Too Cheap
If you find Ativan at incredibly cheap prices, there may be a catch to it – like that the pharmacy is fake! Most online pharmacies are legitimate but you should still watch out for the occasional fake which comes along. These fakes are usually easy to spot and their ridiculously prices is the first sign. Obviously, you aren’t going to save any money if your order never arrives or you receive expired/damaged Ativan instead!

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