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Reuters – Tim Blake Nelson has joined John Krasinski and Drew Barrymore in “Everybody Loves Whales.”

Reuters – These kids are all right.

Reuters – Louie Psihoyos, who won an Oscar this year for directing the dolphin-rights documentary “The Cove,” is suing CBS and BBC alleging unauthorized use of a photograph he took in 1994 for National Geographic.

Reuters – “Clash of the Titans,” a remake of the 1981 cult classic, is a titan on the video charts.

Reuters – Sean Penn is in negotiations to star in a film about the eccentric literary editor who oversaw the release of works by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.

Reuters – Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman are in negotiations to star in the inspirational 3D drama “A Dolphin’s Tale.”

Reuters – Sylvester Stallone and his cast of fellow action stars flex substantial ensemble muscle in this high-energy battle between good mercenaries and bad mercenaries.

Reuters – Although comparisons to “Boogie Nights” are unavoidable, “Middle Men,” a lively, fictionalized account of the rise of the Internet porn industry, is decidedly stimulating in its own right, at least in the early going.

AP – There won’t be an encore for Sean Penn and Robin Wright’s marriage — court records show the couple are officially divorced.

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