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“One of the most dreaded conditions in men is definitely hair loss, and unfortunately most men will experience it at some point of their life. Only in the United States there are around 18 million men aged 20 and above affected by some form of hair loss, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are so many products aimed at hair loss treatment patients. If you’re experiencing any of those symptoms it must be hard to pick the right way to fight them because there is so many products to choose from. Wasting money on a products that doesn’t work is bad, but there are some more severe consequences. Some of these drugs haven’t been tested and might contain chemicals that could cause some serious damage to your body. That’s why you should stick to the only drug that has been tested and approved by FDA, and that’s Propecia.

Propecia contains an enzyme which fights the hormone directly responsible for hair loss in men. Unfortunately, due to the chemical structure of Propecia, women can’t use it, and it’s even dangerous for them to come in contact with the drug if they’re pregnant. The reason is that Propecia inhibits hormone DHT which causes hair loss. When taken, Propecia will prevent the body from producing this hormone until the level of DHT drops down and hair stops falling. It takes usually around 3 months for the first effects to become visible. Further usage of Propecia will cause the effects of hair loss to be reversed. After around 6 months or more, you will notice hair starting to grow back on the bold spots. Most men have male pattern baldness symptom which means they lose hair in the shape of the letter “M”, on top of the head and on the sides. Propecia will make hair grow back on these regions, but it can never fully restore all hair.”

Since Propecia is a prescription drug, many men will go for the online ordering option to avoid having to talk to a doctor about this problem. We know that openly discussing such a touchy subject isn’t pleasant, but keep in mind that Propecia is the only drug that has been approved by FDA for treatment of hair loss. The doctor will help you take the right dose and control your condition, and ordering meds online can be very risky. Most drugs for hair loss treatment that have been heavily advertized are nothing but scams. The first warning sign is if you see an ad that claims you will have your hair grow back in weeks. This is virtually impossible even though the drug starts to work from the minute you take it, because hair grows slowly. It will take time for hair to grow out of the follicle that is located under the skin, and it will remain invisible for a couple of months It takes patience to see the first results, so once you start taking Propecia wait for at least 6 months and you’ll be more than surprised.

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