What makes the Adagio Furniture Line different from other outdoor furniture collections?

The Adagio Collection is a patented line of outdoor furniture manufactured by Medallion Furniture made specifically for persons with handicaps. It is manufactured to comply with the American Disabilities Act utilizing different sizes and heights to allow persons with handicaps to more easily access the furniture.

What makes the ADAGIO COLLECTION special for handicapped use?

The Collection was designed by a handicapped person with a passion to assist the Handicapped.

Only the handicapped can understand the difficulty of the simplest movement of sitting and exiting a chair, eating at a table that a wheelchair does not fit at, the indignity of dropping food in your lap because the table is too low for a wheelchair.

This was the purpose of the American Disability Act, to give equal access for the
Handicapped. If everyone experienced what it is like to be Handicapped for two days, there would be increased understanding about the trials, tribulations and frustrations of simply trying to sit and get out of a normal chair.

What are the differences between normal ourdoor furniture and The Adagio Collection?

• The seat is wider, straighter back, higher and deeper than most chairs.
• The frame is specially made to be more stable by using an aluminum extrusion with internal supports and is all welded construction.
• The legs are deeper and wider with higher arms, for stability.
• The arms are positioned for easy weight transfer to exit the chair.
• Basic dimensions are the same as a wheelchair.
• Handicapped logo stickers for exclusive use by the handicapped.

• The seat is wider and higher than most chaise lounges.
• The back adjustment is done with a patented lever to avoid having to exit the lounge or reach around the back, easy to adjust.
• The lounge arms are shorter and higher than most lounges to allow easy entry and
weight transfer when exiting the lounge.
• The height dimensions are the same as a wheelchair.
• Handicapped logo stickers for exclusive use by the handicapped.

• The top is higher than normal to accommodate wheelchair height and no center
bracing to restrict leg braces on wheelchairs.
• The legs are cantilevered to allow easy access of wheelchairs.
• Legs are made with internally reinforced aluminum for stability.
• The table is a very comfortable height for persons in a wheelchair and our chairs are the same height as the wheelchair, everyone at the table is sitting at the same height. This avoids a handicapped person in a wheelchair sitting at a different height.
• Handicapped logo stickers for exclusive use by the handicapped.

Where is The Adagio Colletion currently being used?

There are over (include #) handicapped people in the United States not including
visitors from abroad. Our line is meant to be used in virtually any setting including:

Cruise Ships
Assisted Living Facilities
Apartment Complexes
Consumer Patios

Handicapped People should be comfortable in all these settings and The Adagio Line of Outdoor Furniture makes that possible.

Where can purchase The Adagio Collection?

You can purchase The Adagio Collection through our online store at http://adacompliantfurniture.com/
You can visit our showroom.
You can contact a salesperson and arrange for a meeting.

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