You know you made it when…

Trading in the game of cat and mouse for a life of leisurely musings is what being an Aspiring Socialite in the heartlessly beautiful city of New York is all about. Since you can always aspire to something greater no matter who you are or what you have achieved, it is hard to gage when you have actually hit socialite status. Here are some signs to look for that say you have arrived. When you get there, just don’t act Nouveau riche. Best of luck in achieving the carefree life of a socialite continue to look for these telltale signs:

  • When you start voting Republican for the tax deductions
  • When you can finally afford to all the luxury good you could possibly want, but always end up getting them for free because of who you are
  • When you have numerous Reality TV offers for your team of lawyers to look over
  • When the people working at Gucci know your life story
  • When you spend insane amounts of money on massages and acupuncture for your dog
  • When spa weekends are every weekend
  • When you used to collect magazine covers featuring yours truly, but stopped because it got boring
  • When over a million people are following you on Twitter
  • When you feng shui your penthouse
  • When you take shots with Lady Gaga while singing along to one of her hits
  • When you no longer bother with heath insurance
  • Whatever I just like making lists
  • (c) Vicky Sullivan Originally posted on Aspiring Socialite. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Vicky unless otherwise noted.

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