Medical detoxification and medically supported detox at bhavana phuket addiction treatment and recovery.

Medical Stabilization and Detoxification

We understand that some patients may require medical and physical stabilization on arrival at Bhavana Phuket. Many substances, including alcohol and most drugs, create a physical dependence and should not be stopped abruptly (going “cold turkey”).

Going “cold turkey” can be dangerous and may be life-threatening in some cases.

In line with our integrated approach to your treatment, Bhavana Phuket is a fully licensed and registered medical center, with nurses on duty 24/7, and provides on site the full range of options for medical detoxification. There is no requirement or need to go to a separate facility for any part of your treatment or care. In an emergency, we are supported by a JCI internationally accredited hospital minutes away.

There are several methods used among treatment centers to rid the body of addictive chemicals. If a center is a medical facility, like Bhavana Phuket, the full range of medical detox treatments is available to the physician, who can select the most appropriate method for each patient. This may include IV-administered medication or prescribed medications taken by mouth strictly supervised by our doctors.

Even clients who have withdrawn themselves from alcohol or drugs may experience acute withdrawal symptoms and require medical treatment, which is immediately available to them on our premises.

Medical detox may be different for each chemical dependency. Medical detox is available at Bhavana Phuket for the following substances:

Benzodiazepines (anti-anxiety drugs)
Heroin, Opiates, Codeine and related substances
Other stimulants
Prescription Drugs
Street drugs and party drugs: ecstasy, meth, GHB, mephedrone

Nutritional support to augment detox will be administered as required.

Intensive medical and nursing support is available 24 hours a day to ensure a safe and secure environment during this crucial period of your treatment.

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