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Therapeutic Massage

Each of us experiences discomfort and pain in our bodies, which inevitably affects the quality of our lives and relationships. Left to itself, the body hardens and sculpts itself around tight muscles and repetitive patterns and postures. Therapeutic bodywork serves to meet and unwind these contracted states and offers new messages to the body to expand, lengthen, and function efficiently.

This is not your average spa massage. Each session is unique. Practicing since 1997, I tailor my sessions to the specific needs of your mind and body. As a graduate of the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, FL my specialty is intelligently working with the edges of your comfort zone, yet in tune with your nervous system. This balanced approach presents a powerful opportunity for deep healing and transformation through the body. Breath is always encouraged to maximize benefits. I can give deep or light pressure depending on your needs.

I use a blend of deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, and orthopedic techniques to create the right environment for letting go of chronic and/or trauma responses in the body. Compression, gentle movement, and stretching are also incorporated when needed. I have extensive experience working with sports injuries, accidents, and other chronic conditions. Call for a free phone consultation to see if this work is appropriate for you. Bodywork sessions are done in my beautiful Corte Madera office and in limited times at Flow Pilates in Fairfax.

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