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We Believe the Soma Sound System is the next evolution in Shamanistic Gathering…

Combining ancient practices with modern electronic state of the art technology…


Combining psychedelic music with incredibly beautiful natural and sacred settings…

The Soma Sound System is based in Mexico and Guatemala and gatherings occur every month to celebrate the full moon. Also gatherings occur to cellebrate equinoxes, the solstice, newyear, eclipses and so forth…

Information for each gathering is automatically emailed to you if you join our emailing list

Or better still by sending an email requesting membership to[email protected]

General infomation is aquired by going to FUTURE GATHERINGS.

The Soma Sound System is NOT a typical Rave or Trance Party.

The Soma Sound System has been into the Jungles, on top of Mayan Temples, In Cenotes, Mountains, Volcanoes, Deserts,by Waterfalls and Lakes,…etc etc….Always a secret location in paradise. If you do not believe us check out our photos of the gatherings. Also soon to come video footage our adventures…

The Soma Sound System has Djs and Live Music from all over the world, combined with other various live performances. Such as fire, circus, theatre etc etc.

Every gathering is different from 50 people to 500 people.

Audio Alchemy includes a mix from Breakbeats, Acid, Techno, Drum N Bass, Ambient, World, Triphop, Experimental, DigiDub, Reggae (Dub) and many many more Freak-Frequencies…. Check the Music page and download some examples.

…. But no House Music, and definitely not 12 hours of continuously boring Trance Music!!!! UUURRGGHH!!!!!

The Soma Sound System has now been gathering since September 1999, but, unfortunately documentation of the gatherings only started May 2001 and this web page June 2001, so much of the history of the S.S.S has not been collected from before this date… However we hope this page will grow and grow and be an inspiration for others to join and as a memory for those who attended our beautiful gatherings. Big thanks for all who have been part of this, and have helped make it happen.


Go back for Spainish Translation or for Music Downloads….

Photos and Sounds from previous gatherings. Check this out if you are interested in what future events may be like…

Also a bit of a memory trigger for those who were there.

Infomation on future gatherings, Ideas, feedback, meeting points, dates, times, places, which DJs what groups etc etc

Page Credits:

Above Illustation “Mind” from DEES. Taken from the excellent book “Heavy Light” Morpheus International.

Fine Art of the Surreal, Fantastique and Macabre. 200 N. Robertson Blvd. Suite #326. Beverly Hills, CA 902111 USA Phone (310) 859-2557.

Correspondence: PO Box 7246. Beverly Hills,CA 90212

Peyote photo from Adam Gottlieb book “Peyote and other Psychoactive Cacti”. Ronin Publishing. Box 1035. Berkeley CA 94701.

Celtic Designs from Peter Douglas “CELTIC TRI-KNOT. Meander based on Early Celtic Manuscripts at Kells in Eire. Elements in these designs have an ancient lineage and can be observed in various neolithic wood, stone and bone carvings going back 20,000 years in Northern Europe. We have attempted to marry these motifs with computer elements.

TANTRA DESIGNS 48 Kensington Park Road, Bristol BS4 3HU, England. Send SAE for free Catalogue

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