About me

Ok, maybe that’s a slightly hyperbolic statement. I do however own a worryingly large collection of lycra attire that can be adapted to suit various weather conditions….

Ok so here’s a real ‘about me’.

I am a London based personal trainer, coach and writer.

It’s probably fair to say I took a pretty unorthodox route into this industry.

I was always a fairly geeky kid and was certainly far more successful academically than physically. I played sports pretty much because it was a compulsory part of my school’s curriculum. In almost every way I couldn’t have asked for better parents, however the Cavanagh family is not one blessed with striking athletic prowess and suffice to say, me and my chubby frame were far more comfortable reading rather than running. Academics were very much the focus for me throughout secondary school, and I managed to secure a place at Oxford University.

Ironically it was only once I reached this quintessential hotbed of academia that I really started making forays into athletics and training. I found myself in the midst of a brand new group of friends, complete with a varsity rugby player and a varsity basketball player. I was playing American Football at the time, and the combination of hard practices and the beasting my friends were now subjecting me to several times per week in the gym overhauled my unconditioned frame, until one day I looked in the mirror and saw the faint outline of upper-abs poking tentatively up where layers of baby fat had complacently been residing only a few months before. I was hooked.

Despite my new physique I was, and still am, more comic book reader than comic book hero, and this academic instinct drove me to read anything and everything I could find on training, nutrition, supplementation etc. I may have a degree in French and German (with a particular specialization in post-1945 Algerian women’s Francophone literature – badass huh?) but it’s fair to say that of all the German authors I was studying, I was most familiar with a certain Herr Schwarzenegger. I read for hours and I trained for hours.

Armed with all this new information, I had no idea what was actually useful and what was just plain stupid – so I just tried the lot. Looking back on this time in my training career, I made a lot of mistakes – like, a lot. But despite some questionable, not to mention extremely bicep heavy, training styles I did make solid progress. I left for uni at 185 pounds, and left at exactly the same weight, but with a radically different physique, and a radically more confident, self-assured, and some might say slightly cocky personality to match.

I had gone from hating situations where I’d have to take my shirt off, to actively seeking situations where I’d have the chance to take my shirt off, and I’d gone from being severely uncomfortable with my body to striking up a fairly serious (though certainly not monogamous) relationship with my bedroom mirror.

And I’d achieved all this despite all the mistakes I’d been making.

Looking back now there are so many things I wish I’d known ‘way back when’, but these mistakes have allowed me to take what actually works and develop them into highly effective systems, whether it’s for building muscle, getting stronger or common or garden fat-loss. Using these methods helps people like you get the results and changes they want in record time. Essentially I made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

It’s not always easy, but it works. And I get to do what I love and I get to make people happy, which is pretty cool really.

So I wanted to create this space so you can have somewhere to hang out and pick up some tips that’ll help you reach your goals that bit faster – whether it be to get bigger, stronger, faster, or simply so cut people will spontaneously offer you Band-Aids (this actually happened one time – it definitely ranks inside the top 3 things that have ever happened to me).  

Say your goal is to get really hot, post a bunch of photos to your facebook, and watch your ex’s best friends ‘Like’ every last one, I can probably help you with that – just sayin’.

I’d really like to establish a community here, so please go ahead and post your comments on whatever I’m discussing. Please feel free to disagree with my opinions, I like to encourage healthy debate. It’s not like I’ll get upset, delete your posts, hunt you down and extract what I consider to be justice from you – actually I can’t make any promises… Just kidding… Kinda…   

So I hope you’ll hang out here every now and then and keep up with my thoughts and experiences. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all.

Shirts of course, are optional.


PS, here are a few other random hits about me:

·      I really, really like audiobooks, American Football and working in hipster coffee shops.

·      I’m toying with getting a motorbike because I think it’s badass, but I think I might be too concerned with my hair to wear a helmet. I basically just          want to be ‘Maverick’ from Top Gun, so I’ll probably wait until I move to a country with more relaxed health and safety laws.

·      I’m actually really not that much of a meathead, so look forward to posts on stuff that I just think is cool: Good food, good whiskey, good clothes,             bad reality TV, travelling and French cinema to name but a few. Kinda like GQ but with more creatine and fish oil.   

·      I have great friends and the best family, including a mum who without fail sends me home with enough leftovers to feed the population of Lesotho        for a month.

·      At least 2 girls have told me I’m cool in my lifetime.

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