Kavanaugh & associates – creating strategic direction


Theme: The development of
leaders for strategic initiatives.

Participants: Senior and
Mid-level management to be identified by the

Time: The seminar is designed
for one day, but may be extended depending upon the
design needs of the targeted participants.

Group Size: Group size is
preferred to be 25-30 participants per session.

Process: This will be an
interactive seminar that introduces participants to
the concepts of organizational leadership,
especially in moving the organization toward its
strategic goals. It will employ presentation,
discussion, case study, and activities to highlight
the critical elements of the seminar. At the option
of the sponsor, this seminar can include the
assessment of each participant’s leadership style.

Outcomes: Participants will

  • Qualities of effective leaders in today’s organizations
  • Why different leaders are effective in different circumstances
  • How to manage your leadership style for greater effectiveness
  • The major qualities of strategic leadership
  • Why “Vision” isn’t enough
  • How to establish strategic direction
  • Creating “buy-in” from your organization
  • What it means to think strategically

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