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Dan Quayle…..

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I just read that he is going to join “Dancing with the Stars” next round. That is amazing to me!

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Wow – we just had a 5.8 earthquake. It was SO scary. The building shook and we evacuated down 10 flights of stairs!! The worst part about earthquakes for me is that I think I feel them after they are over. I keep looking at my lamp and reminding myself that we are not shaking. By the way, I stood in our lobby with Magic Johnson as we waited to go back upstairs.


Happy Birthday Al!!!!!

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Introducing Walter

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Last year we lost our cat Frasier. I’m sure you can tell that I really love cats. We planned to adopt another one. My brother lost his cat, Barney, right around the same time Frasier died. He did some research and found a non-profit group who rescues pure breds. They had two persian brothers who were rescued from a lady who died. She only liked cats when they were kittens. When they got older, she locked them away in a room and had no contact with them – there were 8 living in a small porch. Walter is somewhere between 2-4. The group is located up in Northern CA. Rich drove Walter down when he visited over the 4th. He’s such a nice cat. Although we’ve opened up the bathroom where we first put him, he hasn’t come out. He and Sue Ann stare at each other. He plays in there and she plays in the front. It’s too funny. From what I’ve read, it takes adults a long time so we will let them find their way.


From a Friend

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My friends Laurie and Patty (pictured) went on vacation in Maine. Obviously the moose was not a hit with Patty’s daughter or son and the little boy behind them looks like he’s going to cry. Laurie told her to make this their Christmas card!

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American Idol Night

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We had an opportunity to go to the American Idol concert in LA on Monday night. Now, normally, I would not think about paying to see the show, but our friends Patty and Erik and a big group of their friends got a suite with a private chef and beer and wine. The suite was directly across from the stage. Tim and I watched Idol with Jon and Al and Jodey and Shaun almost all season so we knew the singers. It was so much more fun than I thought it would be. I took certain photos for Jodey (Michael Johns, who she and I loved) and for Jon and Al (Kristy Lee Cook who they love). The photos are kind of hard to see. Oddly enough, Tim’s sister Cathy went to see the concert with Kurt and his daughter Olivia last night. How bizarre that we all went!

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Happy Birthday JR!!

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Happy 4th of July!

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It was so nice to have a long weekend! My brother drove down from San Francisco on Thursday and stayed with us through Sat morning. On the 4th, he, Tim, Annelise and I spent the day together. We went to see “Wanted” at the Arclight and came back our way to watch a marathon of “The Next Food Network Star” episodes and drink cocktails and prosecco. I made brie and asparagus sandwiches ala Monique, a cold tomato and roasted red pepper salad, grilled potato and fennel skewers and a cherry crisp ala Judy Curran.

We also adopted a cat from a rescue organization in San Fran. Rich found the group and adopted one of two brothers. Tim and I adopted the other one and Rich drove him down on the 3rd. He is about 4 and is skittish, but sweet. I don’t have pictures because I didn’t want to scare him.

You’ll find a few pictures of Brenna from Joe and Monique’s Cinco de Julio party. She’s so cute! The party was really fun and Monique made her famous shrimp enchiladas. I was a sous chef and I fed Brenna her dinner – carrots and cereal. She’s so hilarious – she just opens her mouth and stares at you!

I was cooking dinner tonight when I looked over and realized SueAnn had a new spot to watch me cook. She sits there turned and watches everything I do.


A Worthy Cause

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My friend Jen is walking in a race to raise money for cancer research. In the last three years, she’s lost her mother, mother-in-law and father-in-law. I don’t think I know of a family that hasn’t been touched by cancer – my father went through 3 boughts of cancer last year and luckily is doing well. If you would like to support her walk, or just get more information, here is the link:

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