Feldenkrais vancouver – sexuality issues

Sexuality is most likely the most tabooed subject globally. Something we don’t really get educated on. The subject  Sexuality is loaded, often misunderstood. This can lead to libido dysfunction, depression, frustration and break-ups.

For woman its often easier to find someone to talk, but man are very often alone. Talking to other man can be embarrassing, everybody tries to be the biggest rooster. Nobody will admit their problems.

I personally worked in many environments in which I would not talk about my sexuality.

Coaching in Sex will help you to develop a new relationship with yourself and your partner. Be a better lover and listener. Find unknown satisfaction, beyond the average, and the ability to reconnect.

I had the fortune to grow up in a healthy environment in regards to sex. I myself have a very open attitude towards anything sex-related (exception violence), and love to help you finding piece and freedom with your sexuality. Couples, Singles, Teenagers (with parents consent), or your Grandparents. What ever your problem seem to be around the subject sex, I am ready to give you support and help.

I have found that most people find it very easy to talk to me about sensitive and very private subjects like:
Impotents, Libido problems, Masturbation, Guilt, Performance anxiety, and so much more.

Call me for a free initial phone consultation
at 778 233-0889 or e-mail me to [email protected]

Make sure your phone number is not blocked!

“Talking with Joseph was amazing. He brings a lot of real life experience which made me feel at total ease talking to him about my problems.HE helped me transforming my relationship which changed my life in the most positive way. “

P. Broughton, City employee

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