Something blue weddings & special events : about us

have been organizing and designing special events ever since they were little girls. Both were in love
with the drama of pulling a party together and no detail was ever too insignificant.

Allison would coerce her Mom to start working on the “theme” for next year’s birthday party just a
day after this years had passed – always in an attempt to outdo herself. When pool parties and pony’s
had been done by everyone, Allison was gathering her girlfriends for Chanel Make- Over Parties,
decorating the “powder room” with fresh flowers and hiring the neighborhood boys to serve pink lemonade
decorated with sippy straws.

Lisa and her favorite doll would plan galas

for imaginary Kings and Queens, sending out handmade invitations and serving tea and crumpets
(aka. pancakes). She would spend hours coordinating what time Prince Charming would come to whisk the two
of them away – always with a unique get-away scheme that entailed unicorns, fairy dust and a 10-speed bike.

Allison and Lisa ended up planning oodles of events throughout the next few decades and ultimately became
incredibly talented and innovative event designers. They have parlayed their love of planning into doing
what they both feel is the best job in the world – helping people to bring their entertaining visions to life.

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