Tanning Bed Suggestions

Many people like to have bronzed skin. Athletes, people who train in gyms, people with high-profile jobs, executives and many more prefer to have an even, all year tan. Then there are those who like to begin their tan before they go on holiday to a hot destination. This is very sensible, because it is too much of a shock to the skin to go from no sun to 40c in one day. It is far better to prepare your skin to get used to higher temperatures before you go.

This is all very well if you have your home in a hot part of the country, but if you did you would not need to keep topping your tan up anyway. Therefore people turn to tanning beds, tanning booths and tanning lamps. Some people purchase their own tanning bed or booth, but most people go to a tanning salon. If you have a spare room and some unused money, owning your own tanning bed is definitely a supreme luxury.

Owning your own tanning bed means that you do not have to plan journeys to the tanning salon, that there is no travelling or waiting and that your tanning bed is always waiting for you. However, you will be unassisted, so it is a very good idea to buff up on the health and safety advice associated with tanning beds. There ought to have been a pamphlet with the tanning bed when you bought it, but if you bought it second hand it could have been lost.

If your safety booklet has been lost, you could write to the manufacturers and suggest to pay for a replacement or you could just follow the general advice that refers to all tanning beds. Another good idea is to have a few sessions at a tanning salon and learn as much as you can. However, in general, behave toward your tanning bed as you would the sun in the tropics, that is with a great deal of respect.

The first thing you definitely have to do before getting onto your tanning bed is rub a sun tan lotion which includes a moisturizer into your skin. This is where you will have to exercise the most caution. When you are outside in the sun, you choose to block some of the sun’s rays, because you want to spend a couple of hours outside.

However, in a way, the reverse is true on a tanning bed, you want to get tanned and you do not want to spend hours lying on the bed. Therefore, you will have to have a specialized moisturizer, tanning agent. There are plenty of them in the pharmacy, just ask.

A lot of people like to wear a head scarf or bathing hat to stop their hair from drying out. Then there are safety measures such as goggles to take care of your eyes. Never, in any situation, look directly into a tanning lamp while it is on without eye protection. If you are going for an all over tan, you might find it helpful to put a few sticking plasters or band-aids over your pink bits or men might require a hankie or a flannel.

Check your tanning bed’s safety timer, before using the bed for the first time and on a regular basis after that. Make sure that it is precise and that you can depend on it. After the tanning bed session, shower and remoisturize to replenish your skin, but not with the same tanner-moisturizer you put on to tan with.

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